("Music + Alternative + X-disciplinary approaches In Sound")

P r e s e n t :

A Festival of Sound and Experimental Music.

D a t e :

12th - 14th April 2002

V e n u e :


Sheffield Hallam University,

School of Cultural Studies,

Psalter Lane,

Sheffield, England, UK.

S11 8UZ

K e y n o t e :

Innovative, Alternative and Cross-Disciplinary Approaches in Sound.

W o r k s :

By Invitation / Open Call - People, Process, Product and Place.

MAXIS Symposium

(Paper Sessions)

"Innovative, Alternative and Cross-Disciplinary Approaches in Sound"

Academic Paper / Project Reports / Case Studies / Practice Notes

Programme of Events


S p o n s o r s :

MAXIS acknowledges in-kind support from the following organisations:-

Sheffield Hallam University (SHU)

Art and Design Research Centre (ADRC)

Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music (ICSRiM) , University of Leeds.

University of Sheffield Sound Studios (USSS)

(United Kingdom and Ireland Soundscape Community (UKISC))

World Society for Science and Engineering (WSES)

European Academy of Design (EAD)

Sonic Arts Network (SAN)


C o n t a c t :

Scott Hawkins

Fax: +44 (0) 114 225 2603